Monday, March 19, 2012

Freebie Fonts: Part 2

Due to the positive response of my freebie fonts (more than 4,000 downloads per font wow!), I made some more for all of you!

These have that fun flavor that the 2 previous ones have and they're really simple to download and use!

First off there's Amidst.  I love children's handwriting and this is what I tried to recreate in this fun, light font for any type of project. The title signifies what I'd like everyone using this font to be in the midst of - happiness, joy, blessings, calm, wonder, delight- the essence of childhood.

The second font is Loverly.  If you're looking for a nice font to use for cartoons, crafts, your website, like you just wrote it and scribbled it fast, this is it!

Thirdly, Scripterina.  Just a happy-go-lucky kind of font.  The spacing isn't perfect but somehow that lends a certain charm to it.  It's donationware, available for both personal or commercial work for any donation amount via Paypal!

  download link

Reach is a many kind of font you might want to use for labeling stuff haha.  I don't know I named it thus as the lines don't seem to reach one another but not in a depressing sort of way.  It's still quite uppity really.

download link

Seesaw is what you use maybe for scrapbooking.  It's lovely to just keep typing and not know if a thin or thick letter will pop out!  

Fairview is a bit pretentious.  Like it wants to be dignified or elegant or something but it's just plain imperfect.   In font creation, as in life, I find, the mistakes come out and make the outcome more interesting and more beautiful even!

I hope you have fun with these.  Do leave me a comment to brighten up my day!  I promise it will make you happy to do so too!

CLICK HERE for my first Freebie Fonts

CLICK HERE for more Fontabulous Fonts

Thank you to Fontspace and Dafont for hosting these creations.

*As always contact me if you need to use any of these for commercial projects. The price will be very reasonable. :)

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