Monday, February 29, 2016

Everyday Prayers

Do you say a prayer before driving?  I do.  Believe it or not but the rare times I get into accidents, were the times I fpgot to pray.  

My late mother (bless her soul), used to pray before she took her first step on the stairs).

Here are prayers we can say everyday! 

They're really phra-yers or "phrase prayers" you can whisper in the middle of school, work or chores.

Lenten Thirst

How's your Lenten season coming along?

I've been feeling like it's moving too fast and that I haven't really opened myself up to the abundant grace that is present during this season.

Imagine the season of Lent, the promise of new beginnings, a clean slate that God offers us through Jesus.  It's an unimaginable thing, for God to come down to our level and give up His throne, His glory, His crown for our weakness, sinfulness, nothingness.

Plus it's not only Lent but the year or mercy!  A year like this doesn't come very often!  There is just too much that God wants to give us!

I wish I could be like the psalmist who was so hungry for God.  He said, "athirst is my souls for the Living God".  

A friend of mine recently told me, "I feel empty".  He had a loving family, accomplishments, a bright future ahead, but he still felt empty.  That's because no matter how much of the good stuff you have, it's not going to fill up the God-shaped hole in your heart.  One can thirst for success, alcohol, love even, only to find that none of those will satisfy the thirst inside.  The thirst that each of us has but not all of us know how to quench.


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